Terms and Conditions


By signing up for the Rush777 Affiliate Program (Affiliate Program), you indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions.

As an affiliate (Affiliate) of Rush777.com (Rush777), you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained herein in this Agreement. Please read the entire Agreement carefully before registering and promoting Rush777 as an Affiliate.

Your participation in the Program is solely, to legally advertise our website to receive a commission on registrations and player actions by individuals referred to Rush777 by your own website or personal referrals.

Clause headings are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement.

1. Definitions

Knockout Gaming Limited is a company duly registered under the laws of Malta, with registration No. C80787, whose registered office is at The Brokerage, Level 4A, St. Marta Street, Victoria, Gozo, Malta.

For the purpose of the undertakings contained herein, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

The term ‘Rush777’ shall mean and refer to Knockout Gaming Limited and https://Rush777.com.

Affiliate’ or ‘Referral Company’ or ‘you’ or ‘your’ shall mean any person who is over eighteen (18) years of age who owns or runs a domain on which promotions of Rush777 games will be run. An Affiliate can also be a registered company.

Affiliate Account’ shall mean a record kept by Rush777 which shall at all times be accessible to the Affiliate, which shows the Affiliate’s commission made via affiliate promotion, as well as provision of marketing material and Affiliate links that may be used by the Affiliate in order to generate such commission.

‘Affiliate Commission’ shall mean the amount due to the Referral Company for the services rendered under this Agreement, is calculated as a % of net gaming revenue (NGR). NGR shall be computed as Gross Gaming Revenue minus winnings, bonus payments, void bets, charge-backs and any applicable taxes and transaction costs.

Affiliate link’ means a Hypertext Link placed on the affiliate’s website that directs traffic to Rush777´s website that utilizes specific tracking capabilities. 

Affiliate Program’ refers to a 3rd party promotional facility offered by Rush777 to Affiliates who wish to work with Rush777, to promote Rush777 and earn commission for their promotional efforts.

Affiliate Tools’ refers to the online software where an Affiliate can login and obtain Rush777 branded marketing material, Affiliate links, transaction reports and request withdrawals.

Affiliate Website’ or ‘Referral Website’ shall mean the website owned by the Affiliate which the Affiliate registers with Rush777.

Agreement’ shall refer to the terms and conditions contained in this Affiliate Agreement.

Rush777 Website” shall mean the website https://Rush777.com owned by Knockout Gaming Limited that the Affiliate will legally advertise in the Affiliate Website and where the traffic will be directed with the Affiliate Link. 

Dormant Account’ refers to an account where no transactions have been effected during an uninterrupted period of 12 months.

 ‘Gaming’ shall refer to any agreement, scheme or arrangement between Rush777 and any other party to play together at a game of chance in which a prize or reward consisting of money or some other item of value, worth, advantage, or opportunity is offered or can be won and become the property of the winner under defined conditions established for the purpose of the game.  

Marketing Material’ means the Rush777 branded material located in the Marketing Tools section in the https://portal.rush777affiliates.com.

Player’ shall mean any person who is over eighteen (18) years of age, or of gambling legal age in the jurisdiction from which they are playing, which is within the Territory, and who takes part in remote gaming as defined above.

Player's Account’ shall mean a record kept by Rush777 , which record shall at all times be accessible to the Player. It shows the Player's credit against such license holder, taking into account all wagers placed and all prizes won by such Player and any other debit or credits as may be permitted by the pertinent regulations.

Promotions’ refer to any banner or text links that are displayed on the Affiliate’s site which redirect players to the Rush777 website (https://Rush777.com).

Referral’ or ‘Referral Service’ mean the act of referring a player to Rush777 via the Affiliate’s Affiliate link.

Restricted Territories” means the physical territories as set out in the Restricted Territories Schedule.

 ‘Referred Player’ means any Player, not being a Player previously registered at any of Rush777´s sites, who as a result of an independent effort of the Referral Company, (1) has been referred to any of the Rush777 sites by the Affiliate, and/or (2) has properly registered and opened an account with any of the Rush777 Sites operating the Service, and/or (3) has been verified and accepted as a Player at any of Rush777 Sites, and/or (4) has fulfilled any qualification conditions as may be prescribed by the Rush777 Sites operating the Service, and/or (5) has made the first real money deposit into the said account, and/or (6) has not become a Dormant Player. For the avoidance of doubt, once the Player becomes a Dormant Player, he/she permanently ceases to be a Referred Player under this Agreement and no deposits of a Player who has previously become a Dormant Player shall be included in the calculation of the Affiliate Commission.

Service’ has the same definition as ‘Affiliate Program’.

SPAM’ is defined as unsolicited email messages including, but not limited to, bulk-mailing of commercial advertising and information announcements.

Sub-affiliate’ is an individual or company who joins a multi-tier Affiliate Program and who is specifically referred for becoming an affiliate by an other affiliate, and whom should observe these terms when participating in Rush777 Affiliate Program.

Territory” refers to any territory which is not deemed to be a Restricted Territory and/or any territory deemed to be restricted by Rush777.

Words denoting the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa.

Words denoting any gender shall include all genders.

Clause headings are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Agreement.

2. Account

2.1. Account approval

2.1.1. In order to apply for the Rush777 Affiliate Program an Affiliate must complete the online application located on https://portal.rush777affiliates.com. All information supplied in the application must be truthful and accurate. The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that it is of the essence of this Agreement that the Affiliate Website operates and deals with Referred Players, in strict compliance with the laws, regulations, codes of practices and policies applicable to the Territory. Rush777 reserves the right to run verification checks and may also contact the Affiliate for additional documentation or identification. In the event of Rush777 discovering any activity or wrong information regarding the Affiliate account, Rush777 reserve the right to investigate the issue and subtract from the commissions due to the Affiliate an amount of money to reflect the required investigation and additional work created by an Affiliate having provided incorrect or incomplete details. Rush777 will closely monitor all Affiliate accounts and commissions for signs of fraud, either on the part of the Affiliate or on the part of the Affiliate’s referrals. Upon finding any instances of fraud Rush777 shall freeze the Affiliate account and make immediate contact to resolve the matter and, where necessary, launch a full investigation. Rush777 reserves the right to terminate this Agreement in the event of any wrong-doing including but not limited to fraud.

2.2. Account activation

2.2.1. Account activation means requesting that Rush777 opens an Affiliate Account for the Affiliate. Rush777 shall open an account when requested as long as Rush777´s requirements are met and reserves the right to decline account opening for any of the reasons mentioned above. Acceptance of an Affiliate account is at the discretion of Rush777. Approval will be received via email. Once approved, the Affiliate can begin promotion immediately. The account is intended for administering the Affiliate’s promotions, marketing material, Affiliate links, transaction reports and request for withdrawals. The account is for use by the Affiliate only and each Affiliate must have only one Affiliate account. Affiliates are prohibited from the selling/transferring and/or acquiring of accounts to/from other Affiliates.

2.2.2. Rush777 will not approve Affiliate websites displaying, advertising or promoting the following; including but not limited to:

Child pornography;


Discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability or sexual orientation;

Illegal activities;

Violation of intellectual property rights;

The abuse of internet gaming promotions;

Any conduct that may have a damaging effect on the https://rush777.com image;

Underage and vulnerable persons. 

2.3. Account username and password

2.3.1. The Affiliate username and password are provided as a part of the registration procedure. At registration, the Affiliate chooses a username and password. (The e-mail the Affiliate supplies becomes the Affiliate username.) The Affiliate accepts that the Affiliate is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Affiliate’s username and password, and shall store the username and password in a manner that outside persons cannot gain access to them. The Affiliate is responsible for immediately contacting Rush777, if there is a risk that their username or password may be compromised in any way. Rush777 reserves the right to temporarily lock the account under such conditions. The Affiliate remains fully responsible for all activity based on the Affiliate’s username and password until such locking of the Affiliate’s account. Rush777 reserves the right to inactivate an Affiliate’s username and password at any time.

3. Promotion

By accepting this Agreement, Rush777 grants the Affiliate the non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable license to use its Rush777 marketing material that was provided upon the acceptance to the Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate shall be responsible for carrying out marketing, advertising and promotion of the affiliate website/s and refer prospective Players to https://Rush777.com via the affiliate links found in the Affiliate Tools in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Affiliate shall ensure that any advertising, marketing and any other promotional activities which are conducted by the Affiliate, in relation to the Affiliate Website, will at all times be in full compliance with the law applicable to the Territory.

The Affiliate shall perform referral services actively, effectively, with the best of its ability with the view of making the service a successful long-term venture and maximizing the benefit for Rush777 and the Affiliate.

The Affiliate shall provide space for banners and links promoting the service on their approved Affiliate website and, if approved by Rush777, on other websites and media channels.

Unless specifically agreed otherwise, all marketing material to be used by the Affiliate for carrying out the referral service shall be provided by Rush777 at no cost to the Affiliate. 

For any content of any promotion, advertising or marketing done by the Affiliate using any of their own marketing material, whether by way of banners, adverts or otherwise, the Affiliate shall at all times obtain and maintain a prior written approval from Rush777. In case marketing material provided by Rush777, the provision of such material shall be considered as approval to use such material.

The Affiliate shall conform and adhere to laws, good practice and good business conduct applicable to the Affiliate, to the operation of the Affiliate’s websites, including the referral website, and to the activities carried out by the Affiliate under this Agreement in the Territories where Affiliate carries out its activities under this Agreement or which are targeted by the Affiliate.

4. Promotional restrictions

4.1. The Affiliate shall not, nor authorize or encourage any third party to:

4.1.1. Promote any gaming sites to persons in any of the Restricted Territories for Rush777 or to attempt to circumvent restrictions that are in place to prevent persons from the Restricted Territories to access and use the service. Promotion of the service to persons in the Restricted Territories is a breach against this Agreement and will void all referral commission to the Affiliate. Rush777 will take such technical and administrative measures as it considers reasonable with the aim of preventing Players accessing the website Rush777.com, if those Players are situated in any of the listed Restricted Territories.

4.1.2. Cause disturbing marketing/traffic.

4.1.3. Conduct the referral services in unlawful manner or form, including placing or using any material which is malicious, obscene, sexually explicit, violent, potentially libelous, discriminatory, infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights or goodwill or reputation, targets persons under the age of 18 years (or higher of majority in the jurisdictions that the Affiliate is targeting) or targets vulnerable persons.

4.1.4. Interfere with the operation or accessibility of any of the Rush777 sites.

4.1.5. Conduct the referral services in any way that is misleading or confusing as to the relationship amongst the referred Player / prospective referred Player, the Affiliate and Rush777 operating its sites or as to the operation, functions or ownership of the Rush777 sites.

4.1.6. Deploy or use any UMC (Unsolicited Mass Communications), also known as "spam". Should it become evident to Rush777 that the Affiliate does not adhere to this obligation, Rush777 shall have the right to terminate this Agreement immediately in addition to other remedies available to Rush777 at law. Moreover, should the Affiliate use spam, Rush777 will close all account(s) of the Affiliate and withhold funds immediately. Due to ongoing efforts, legal actions will be taken should the use of spam be brought to Rush777´s attention.

4.1.7. The Affiliate shall not register or utilise in any way, whether as the referral website or otherwise, any domain name that contains (a) any of Rush777 or their variations or misspellings, and/or (b) any of the partner brands or their variations or misspellings. In case of doubt or similarity of a domain name to any of Rush777’s or partner’s brands, the Affiliate must obtain written consent from Rush777 prior to registration or utilisation of the domain name.

4.1.8. The Affiliate shall not utilise and shall not allow any third party to utilise any website having a domain name that contains any of Rush777 or their variations or misspellings in such a way that results in promoting any website other than the Rush777 sites, whether by way of linking, redirecting traffic or otherwise.

4.1.9. The Affiliate shall not engage in any marketing by way of sponsored links, Google adwords or similar promotion which utilises any of the Rush777 brands such as, but not limited to Rush777 or any variation of the brand name or slogans.

4.1.10. Affiliates cannot become Players via their own Affiliate link (you can only do so by signing up to https://Rush777.com independently).

This Agreement does not impose any exclusivity obligation on Rush777. Rush777 shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for engaging in any arrangement competing with the Affiliate.

5. Tracking

5.1. It is the full responsibility of the Affiliate to correctly execute tracking links embedded in Rush777 marketing material. The Affiliate is fully responsible for implementing and maintaining such Affiliate links on the Affiliate website in order to reduce the occurrence of any discrepancies in reporting, tracking and commission accrual.

5.2. Rush777 shall not be held responsible for any loss of business suffered through the performance of the Affiliate website or embedded Affiliate Links. Rush777 does not express or imply any warranties or representations regarding the Rush777 Affiliate Program (including without limitation warranties of fitness, merchantability, non-infringement, or any implied warranties arising out of a course of performance, dealing, or trade usage).

5.3. Rush777 shall make available to the Affiliate, tools allowing the Affiliate to monitor the referral commission and the payments of the said referral commission into the commission account using an online monitoring system at a secure web site.

6. Affiliate Commission

6.1. Rush777 shall pay commission as agreed with the commission structure on the Website. All sums payable under this Agreement shall be payable in Euro.

6.2. Commission calculation is based on the acquisition of playing recruits and/or player actions. Rush777 shall be responsible for compiling the Affiliate’s commission information and all figures shall be available for Affiliates to view via the Affiliate Tools using their username and password. Any discrepancies can be raised with Rush777 and submitted in writing containing full details of the possible discrepancy.

6.3. Any disputes that remain unresolved will be escalated to Income Access.

6.4. The commission is credited to the Affiliate account once the recruited Player has placed a bet or played a game which has been debited the player account.  This activity can be defined as a debit against the player account attributed to any casino play, sports bets or other games of chance offered within the Rush777 website.

7. Payout

7.1. Affiliate commission shall be paid upon a request made by the Affiliate from the ‘Withdrawal’ section within the Rush777 Affiliate Tools. Withdrawals can only be made by the person who owns the Affiliate account. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of €50.  All affiliate commission payments are made by the 5th of each month for the subsequent month’s commission period. Rush777 reserves the right to ask for identification documents and other documents related to withdrawals.

8. Fees

8.1. Charge-backs and fraud costs

8.1.1. Charge-backs and fraud costs are defined as credit card transactions that are reversed or dishonoured or cancelled, as a result of the credit card having being used in a fraudulent manner or a dispute by the card holder which results in the transactions being reversed.

8.1.2. Other payment or deposit reversals that arise out of non-credit card methods of purchase are included in this definition of charge-back and fraud.

8.1.3. All charged-back amounts and costs associated and resulting from such charge-backs and fraud from Players recruited by the Affiliate, will be deducted from the Affiliate commission.

8.1.4. As charge-backs can occur in a timeframe outside of the standard commission cycle, all charge-backs will be deducted from the future commission of the Affiliate.  For example: If a charge-back for 100 Euro is placed by the card issuer that is posted six months after the original charge is made, the commission calculated and associated with that 100 Euro will be deducted from the affiliate’s balance.


8.2. Other processing fees

8.2.1. When an Affiliate request a withdrawal, it is liable to pay the corresponding bank charges or transfer fees on the affiliate’s side.

9. Indemnity

9.1. The Affiliate shall defend, indemnify, and hold Rush777, their directors, officers, employees, and representatives harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, resulting from, arising out of, or in any way connected with:

Any breach by the Affiliate of any warranty, representation, or agreement contained in this Agreement.

The performance of the Affiliate’s duties and obligations under this Agreement.

The Affiliate’s negligence or any injury caused directly or indirectly by the Affiliate negligent or intentional acts or omissions, or the unauthorised use of Rush777 ’s banners and links or this Affiliate Program.

10. Disclaimers

10.1. Rush777 makes no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the Affiliate Program or Affiliate Commission payment arrangements (including, without limitation, their functionality, warranties of fitness, merchantability, legality, non-infringement, or any implied warranties arising out of a course of performance, dealing, or trade usage). In addition, Rush777 makes no representation that the operation of our website will be uninterrupted or error-free and will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.

11. Relationship of parties

11.1. The Affiliate and Rush777 are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties.  The Affiliate has no authority to make or accept any offers or representations on Rush777 Affiliates behalf. The Affiliate will not make any statement, whether on a site or otherwise, that reasonably would contradict anything in this paragraph.

12. Limitation of liability

12.1. Rush777 will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this Agreement or the Affiliate Program, even if Rush777 has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Further, Rush777 ’s aggregate liability arising with respect to this Agreement and the Program will not exceed the total Affiliate Commission paid or payable to the Affiliate under this Agreement during the last 3 months. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to provide any rights, remedies or benefits to any person or entity not a party to this Agreement. Any liability arising under this Agreement shall be satisfied solely from the Affiliate Commission generated and is limited to direct damages.

13. Data protection and customer ownership

13.1. The Affiliate shall comply with any relevant data protection laws in the jurisdiction in which it is domiciled and any jurisdictions in which it operates. Customer data and ownership of customer is the exclusive ownership of Rush777.

13.2. The Affiliate acknowledges and accepts that in order to carry out its obligations under this Agreement in particular in respect of calculating and paying the referral commission, Rush777 requires to liaise with and obtain information from and pass information to Rush777 or companies providing the service on the Rush777 sites. In this respect, the Affiliate:

Authorizes Rush777 to disclose to and to obtain from Rush777 , operating the service, all information that may be required for the proper operation of this Agreement.

Releases Rush777 operating the service, from any and all liability related to or arising out of the above-mentioned disclosures.

Once the referred Player has signed up and become a Player with Rush777 they are then considered to be customers of Rush777 only.

14. Anti-Money laundering

14.1. The Affiliate may not directly or indirectly benefit from, or be a party to, any money laundering or related illegal activities. The Affiliate shall comply with all anti-money laundering obligations applicable in the Territory.

14.2. It is recorded that some jurisdictions in which Rush777 operate have strict laws on money laundering that may impose an obligation upon Rush777 to report the Affiliate to the national or local authorities within such jurisdictions if Rush777 knows, suspects or have reason to suspect that any transactions in which the Affiliate is directly or indirectly involved, amongst other things, involve funds derived from illegal activities or is intending to conceal funds derived from illegal activities or involve the use of the Rush777 Affiliate Program or our Website sites to facilitate criminal activity.

14.3. If Rush777 has any knowledge or suspicion envisaged above, Rush777 may (a) immediately suspend, deregister or terminate the Affiliate Account of the Rush777 Affiliate Program; and/ or (b), in Rush777 ’s absolute discretion, not pay the Affiliate any funds due as commission.

14.4. Rush777 reserves the right to report the Affiliate to the aforementioned national or local authorities, should Rush777, in its absolute discretion; determine that Rush777 is obliged, by law, to do so.

15. Independent investigation

15.1. The Affiliate and its representatives acknowledge that it has read this Agreement and agree to all its terms and conditions. The Affiliate and its representatives understand that Rush777 may at any time (directly or indirectly) solicit customer referrals on terms that may differ from those contained in this Agreement or operate or contract with websites that are similar to or compete with the Affiliate website. The Affiliate and its representative have independently evaluated the desirability of participating in this Affiliate Program and are not relying on any representation, guarantee, or statement other than as set forth in this Agreement.

16. Trademarks

16.1. Nothing contained in this Agreement will grant either party any right, title or interest in the trademarks, trade names, service marks or other intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to simply as ‘marks’) of the other party. At no time during or after the term will either party attempt or challenge or assist or allow others to challenge or to register or to attempt to register the marks of the other party or of any company within the group of companies of the other party. Provided also that neither of the parties will register nor attempt to register any mark which is basically similar to and/or confusingly similar to any mark which belongs to the other party or to any company contained within the other party’s group of companies.

16.2. Parties agree that neither of the parties will register nor attempt to register any mark which is basically similar to and/or confusingly similar to any mark which is already registered as a trademark by any other entity outside the scope of this agreement.

16.3. The Affiliate will be provided with a Brand Guideline associated with the Rush777 that outlines best practices and usage of the Rush777 and their marketing material.  This includes the usage of the Rush777 logo, slogan and colour scheme that must be adhered to.

17. Handling of negative publicity

17.1. Upon notice of any negative publicity concerning the Affiliate, or the Affiliate’s owner(s), which Rush777 management believes can damage the reputation of Rush777, the Rush777 website and its brands, Rush777 has the right to terminate the Agreement immediately.

18. Temporary disruptions due to hardware or software failure

18.1. The parties acknowledge that from time to time, as a result of hardware or software failure, supplier failures, or the like, the services provided under this Agreement by the parties can be temporarily disrupted. The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that Rush777 or any of its members, shareholders, directors, officers, employees or representatives will not be liable to the Affiliate for any special, indirect, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, or damages for loss of profits or savings, in connection with these temporary disruptions.

19. Miscellaneous

19.1. Non-Waiver

19.1.1. Rush777’s failure to enforce the Affiliate’s strict performance of any provision of this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of Rush777 ’s right to subsequently enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement. None of our employees, officers or agents may verbally alter, modify or waive any provision of this Agreement.

19.2. Waiver

19.2.1. Whenever possible, each provision of this Agreement shall be interpreted in such a manner as to be effective and valid under applicable law but, if any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such provision will be ineffective only to the extent of such invalidity, or unenforceability, without invalidating the remainder of this Agreement or any provision hereof. No waiver will be implied from conduct or failure to enforce any rights and must be in writing to be effective. In witness whereof, the Affiliate expressly agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement by downloading our banner and creating a link from the Affiliate site to Rush777 ’s site.

20. Confidentiality

20.1. Rush777 may share information of a confidential nature with you. In such cases where confidential information is shared, it cannot be used for any purposes and shall not be disclosed  to any third parties.

21. Term, termination and termination effects

21.1. The terms included in this agreement will commence upon the Affiliate’s acceptance of the terms and conditions stated within this document and will last for an indefinite term. Nevertheless, either Rush777 or the Affiliate may terminate this Agreement at any time, by issuing the other party a written notice that they wish to terminate this Agreement, with an advance period of 30 days.

21.2. In the case where there is cause for termination Rush777 can terminate the agreement with immediate effect and without notice. 

21.3.  Once the Agreement is terminated, final commission corresponding to the Affiliate Commission accrued during the Term shall be paid. Rush777 reserves the right to withhold the final payment for up to 3 months to ensure that the correct amount is paid. Final payment to the Affiliate will remove any future claim or entitlement to any further commission or any type of compensation from Rush777 to the Affiliate when terminating the Agreement.

21.4. On the termination of this Agreement the Affiliate shall immediately remove any reference to Rush777 from the Affiliate Website, from any promotional or other published material or destroy all such materials containing any reference to Rush777.

22. Applicable Law and dispute resolution

22.1. The Parties shall amicably attempt to solve any dispute relating to this Agreement through negotiations between high-level executives of the Parties. If such negotiations are not successful after a period of sixty (60) days from a claim in writing for such negotiations from either Party, the other Party has the right to bring the dispute to final settlement through arbitration pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations. The arbitration shall be conducted using one (1) arbitrator if the value of the dispute is less than one million EURO, and otherwise three arbitrators. The arbitrators are to be elected in accordance to the laws of Malta. The arbitration shall be conducted in the English language in Malta. The above notwithstanding, either Party shall be entitled to seek an injunction in any relevant jurisdiction.

23. Binding Agreement

23.1. This Affiliate Agreement is legally binding. It is the responsibility of the Affiliate to strictly adhere to the terms of this Agreement. Any activity which contravenes these terms that are undetected by Rush777 does not translate as a waiver of these terms and will subsequently enforce the adherence to the conditions of this Agreement immediately.

23.2. In agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Rush777 Affiliate Program, the Affiliate expresses acceptance of the following:

This Agreement has been duly and validly executed by the Affiliate and constitutes its legal, valid and binding obligation, enforceable against the Affiliate in accordance with its terms.

The execution, delivery and performance by the Affiliate of this Agreement and the consummation by the Affiliate of the transactions contemplated hereby will not conflict with or violate any provision of law, rule, regulation or Agreement to which it is subject to.

The Affiliate acknowledges that it has read this Agreement, has had an opportunity to consult with its own legal advisors, if so desired, and agrees to all its terms and conditions.

Rush777 shall provide to the Affiliate with sufficient information and the Affiliate acknowledges and accepts that the Service is operated by Rush777 who is responsible for compliance with all regulation or legislation applicable to the operation of the service.

24. Attorney Fees

24.1. In the event that any action is filed in relation to this Agreement, the unsuccessful party in the action shall pay to the successful party, in addition to all the sums that either party may be called on to pay, a reasonable sum for the successful party’s attorney’s fees.

25. Changes in the Affiliate Agreement

25.1. Rush777 reserves the right to modify this Agreement. When such modifications take place the Affiliate shall be notified via email or the Affiliate Tools. Once Affiliates have been informed this shall be considered sufficient provision of notice and will become effective as of that date.

26. Violations

26.1. In the event that any provision of this Agreement conflicts with the laws under which the Affiliate Agreement is to be construed or if any such provision is held invalid by a court with jurisdiction over the parties to the said Agreement, such provision shall be deemed to be restated to reflect as nearly as possible the original intentions of the parties in accordance with applicable law, and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

Please report any violations of the Terms of this Agreement to info@rush777affiliates.com

These Terms and Conditions were last updated 14.11.2017 (v.1.0)



Schedule A – List of Restricted Countries

Players in the following jurisdictions are not allowed to register, place bets or wager on Rush777.com:

·       Afghanistan

·       American Samoa

·       Aland Islands

·       Albania

·       Algeria

·       Antarctica

·       Armenia

·       Aruba

·       Australia

·       Austria

·       Bahrain

·       Belgium

·       Belize

·       Bhutan

·       Bosnia and Herzegovina

·       Brazil

·       Brunei

·       Bulgaria

·       Cambodia

·       Canada

·       Caribbean Netherlands

·       Cayman Islands

·       Channel Islands

·       Chile

·       China

·       Colombia

·       Comoros

·       Croatia

·       Cuba

·       Curacao

·       Cyprus

·       Czech Republic

·       Denmark

·       Dominica

·       Dominic Republic

·       El Salvador

·       Eritrea

·       Estonia

·       Ethiopia

·       Falkland Islands

·       Faroe Islands 

·       Fiji

·       Finland

·       France

·       French Guiana

·       French Polynesia

·       French Southern Territories

·       Gambia

·       Germany

·       Gibraltar

·       Greece

·       Greenland

·       Guadeloupe

·       Guam

·       Guinea

·       Hong Kong

·       Hungary

·       Iceland

·       India

·       Indonesia

·       Iran

·       Iraq

·       Ireland

·       Isle of Man

·       Israel

·       Italy

·       Japan

·       Jordan

·       Kazakhstan

·       Kuwait

·       Kyrgyzstan

·       Laos

·       Latvia

·       Lebanon

·       Libya

·       Lithuania

·       Luxembourg

·       Macedonia

·       Malaysia

·       Maldives

·       Martinique

·       Mauritania

·       Mauritius

·       Mayotte

·       Moldova

·       Montenegro

·       Nepal

·       Netherlands

·       Netherlands Antilles

·       New Caledonia

·       New Zealand

·       Nigeria

·       North Korea

·       Northern Mariana Islands

·       Norway

·       Oman

·       Pakistan

·       Panama

·       Philippines

·       Poland

·       Portugal

·       Puerto Rico

·       Qatar

·       Reunion Island

·       Romania

·       Russia

·       Rwanda

·       Saint Barthelemy

·       Saint Martin

·       San Marino

·       Saudi Arabia

·       Serbia

·       Singapore

·       Slovakia

·       Slovenia

·       Somalia

·       South Africa

·       South Korea

·       Spain

·       St. Pierre and Miquelon 

·       Sudan

·       Switzerland

·       Sweden

·       Syria

·       Taiwan

·       Thailand

·       Turkey

·       Turkmenistan

·       Tuvalu

·       Uganda

·       Ukraine

·       United Arab Emirates

·       United Kingdom

·       United States

·       US Minor Outlying Islands

·       US Virgin Islands

·       Uzbekistan

·       Vanuatu

·       Vatican City

·       Vietnam

·       Wallis and Futuna